Are you considering undergoing psychotherapy but would like more information before taking the first, courageous step?

Or perhaps you want to support a loved one and need to do a little research regarding psychotherapy?

Either way, there are many who strive to remove the stigma attached to psychotherapy and educate people as to what is actually involved. We want to help people make an informed decision as to whether psychotherapy can benefit them or not.Core Process Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy is a wonderfully powerful tool that has helped millions of people worldwide lead happier, more fulfilling lives – our simple mission is to spread that message to anyone who is in doubt.

Here you can find a range of topics covering all aspects of psychotherapy, whether you’re a nervous first timer, or someone who is desperately trying to support a loved one.

Perhaps you’re not sure if you’re just going through a rough patch or something more serious? Here you can learn what to look out for, and the many reasons other people visit psychotherapists.

Read on as we debunk popular myths surrounding psychotherapy, and present the facts as to what is really involved. You can also discover what to look for in a therapist, and how to go about finding one that is right for you.

There’s an article all about how you can encourage a loved one to seek help from a therapist, so if you’re struggling to raise the issue, please read on.

We discuss the merits of modern, online therapists, as well as what to expect from your first session, leaving you well prepared to make that first, brave leap. This site is your one stop shop for information and,hopefully, guidance