Online Therapy

With the increase in the availability of technology, it was only a matter of time before psychotherapy services started to be offered online. This is certainly no bad thing, and can be the best way for someone who is nervous about undergoing therapy to get started.

The benefits

There are a number of reasonsskype-therapy why it’s more attractive to use an online therapist rather than an in-office one.

  • Cost – generally it’s cheaper to undergo therapy online compared to traditional methods.
  • No traveling – for some people it just isn’t feasible to get to their nearest psychotherapy office. Others perhaps are reluctant to venture out and speak to someone new face to face.
  • Stigma – while many people are concerned about the stigma attached to a traditional therapist, it’s much easier to forget about that online. You can complete sessions from the safety of your own home, with no danger of people you know seeing you getting help.
  • Anonymity – on the internet, nobody knows who you are and people are more inclined to be completely open and honest.
  • Flexibility – sessions are more flexible and can be easily rescheduled, or last longer or shorter than normal.
  • Text based therapy allows people to take time to gather their thoughts and say exactly what they mean.

Text or video based therapy?

You have the choice of receiving either video or text based therapy online, both of which have their merits, but ultimately it comes down to preference. In addition, you choose a mixture of both, as well as in-office sessions with the same therapist.

Text based therapy suits those who are unable to reliably arrange fixed appointments or are seeking 100% privacy, with no danger of being overheard. It’s also great for anyone who is anxious about spilling their life story while looking a therapist in the eye. Avoiding face to face interactions can help some people open up quicker.

Rest assured that online therapists follow the same strict code of conduct and must hold the same qualifications as their in-office counterparts. Fortunately, there are several verified online networks that ensure all their therapists are qualified.